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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

52,Jln Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 50490, Malaysia

iCare Dental Damansara Heights

iCare Dental has 13 branches which located at Klang Valley and Melaka.

iCare Dental Damansara Heights


We will ensure your Maximum Comfort with Minimum Trauma by offering:

  1. Quality modern dentistry especially in Dental Implants and Aesthetics.
  2. Passionate care for the best dental Experience.
  3. High Standard of infection control and safety features.
  4. State of the Art advancement in dental technology and treatment modalities. 




Additional Services

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinks/Beverages

Hours of Operation

Monday 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 20:00

Additional Notes

Sunday & Public Holidays: close

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

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Ibrahim Shahruddin


Languages spoken

English, Malay


National University of Malaysia

Procedures & Prices

The procedures and prices information has been provided by the clinic. Using the quote request button please submit a request for a fast quote if you are familiar with your needs. 

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Procedure Price Duration


Consultation (adult) MYR M 0   Details
Consultation (children) MYR M 0   Details
X-Ray (PA) MYR M 0   Details
X-Ray (OPG) MYR M 0   Details

Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Incisor MYR M 0   Details
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Canine MYR M 0   Details
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Premolar MYR M 0   Details
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) 1st Molar MYR M 0   Details
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) 2nd Molar MYR M 0   Details

Fixed Prosthetics

Crown & Bridges Porcelain Fused Metal (Non precious) MYR M 0   Details
Crown & Bridges Porcelain Fused Metal (Semi-precious) MYR M 0   Details
Crown & Bridges Porcelain Fused Metal (Precious) MYR M 0   Details
Full Porcelain (E-max) MYR M 0   Details
Zirconia Crown MYR M 0   Details
Veneer MYR M 0   Details
Re-cement Crown/Bridge (per unit) MYR M 0   Details
Post and Core MYR M 0   Details

Implant (Fixture + PFM Crown)

Consultation, study model, OPG and planning MYR M 0   Details
Implant MYR M 0   Details
Bone Graft/Sinus Lift Surgery MYR M 0   Details


2 Antibiotics + 1 Analgesics + 1 Anti-Inflammatory MYR M 0   Details
2 Antibiotics + 2 Analgesics MYR M 0   Details
2 Antibiotics + 1 Analgesics MYR M 0   Details
1 Antibiotics + 1 Analgesics MYR M 0   Details
Analgesic - PCM MYR M 0   Details
Analgesic - Ponstan MYR M 0   Details
Antibiotics (amoxycillin/metronidazole) MYR M 0   Details
Syrup Amoxycillin + Syrup PCM MYR M 0   Details
Syrup Amoxycillin MYR M 0   Details
Syrup PCM MYR M 0   Details

Oral Surgery

Normal Extraction (Front tooth) MYR M 0   Details
Normal Extraction (Back tooth) MYR M 0   Details
Complicated Extraction MYR M 0   Details
Minor Oral Surgery Wisdom Tooth (impacted) MYR M 0   Details
Minor Oral Surgery Wisdom Tooth (non surgical) MYR M 0   Details
Operculectomy MYR M 0   Details
Coronectomy MYR M 0   Details
Mx of post-op bleeding (other clinic) MYR M 0   Details
STO (other clinic ) MYR M 0   Details

Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Study Model MYR M 0   Details
Retainer (Hawley retainer) MYR M 0   Details
Retainer (Essix retainer) MYR M 0   Details
Retainer (Permanent fixed retainer) MYR M 0   Details
Simple Removal Appliance MYR M 0   Details
Fixed Appliance MYR M 0   Details
Clearpath / Invisalign MYR M 0   Details

Pedodontic Treatment (Children)

Loose Extraction without LA MYR M 0   Details
Extraction under LA MYR M 0   Details
Pulpotomy MYR M 0   Details
Tooth Coloured Filling MYR M 0   Details
Scaling and Polishing MYR M 0   Details

Periodontal Treatment

Scaling & Polishing (full mouth) MYR M 0   Details
Air Polishing MYR M 0   Details
Localized Scaling MYR M 0   Details

Preventive Treatment

Fissure Sealant MYR M 0   Details
Topical Fluoride (full mouth) MYR M 0   Details
Bruxism Tray (Duraguard/Dual Laminate) MYR M 0   Details

Removable Prosthetics

Partial Denture Normal Acrylic Base MYR M 0   Details
Partial Denture Hard Acrylic Base MYR M 0   Details
Partial Denture Cobalt Chrome Base MYR M 0   Details
Partial Denture (additional tooth) MYR M 0   Details
Partial Denture Valplast (3 teeth and above) / Clear4flex Base MYR M 0   Details
Partial Denture Valplast (1 - 2 teeth) MYR M 0   Details
Complete Denture Normal Acrylic Base MYR M 0   Details
Complete Denture Hard Acrylic Base MYR M 0   Details
Complete Denture Cobalt Chrome Base MYR M 0   Details
Complete Denture Valplast / Clear4flex Base MYR M 0   Details
Denture Repair/Add tooth (in clinic) MYR M 0   Details
Denture Repair/Add tooth (send to lab) MYR M 0   Details

Restorative Treatment

Tooth Coloured Filling (GIC/CR) MYR M 0   Details
Dressing MYR M 0   Details


In office / chair side MYR M 0   Details
Home Kit MYR M 0   Details
Single Tooth MYR M 0   Details

Clinic Guarantees and Warranties: Please contact the clinic for exact details.

Clinic Map

3.1493647 101.6539406

52,Jln Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara,50490, Kuala Lumpur