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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

30 - 36 Phan Boi Chau Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, 0084, Vietnam

Rose Dental Clinic

Rose Dental Clinic is a premium clinic located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City near the world famous Ben Thanh Market. The clinic is staffed with experienced multi-lingual dental professionals. RDC is a full-service clinic that but also specializes in implantology using the latest materials and branded implants from Asia and Europe. 

Dental Roses  with a specialist team of experienced, who have studied and studied in many advanced countries in the world such as Germany, USA, Japan, France, Korea ...We bring treatment outcomes best, can fully meet the expectations of your guests.

Rose Dental Clinic


We believe in our patients having a beautiful smile and natural teeth for life.

At the heart of Rose Dental Concepts philosophy is a commitment to excellence in dental care and in service. We continue to provide beautiful and natural smile in a caring and comfortable environment for all of our patients without exception.

Rose concepts have been providing a full range of cosmetic and general dental service from a highly qualified and dedicated team.

Even though we maintain an informal atmosphere to promote relaxation and trust, this is a professional practice. Our service cannot easily judge as to the quality by our patients, they must put their complete trust in the honesty and integrity of our team.

Our team is committed to keeping up to date with new technology and techniques. We pursue continuing education with leading international dental associations, attend global conferences on dental care breakthroughs, and is fully trained to use the cutting edge technology utilized throughout our clinics.

Beautiful smile and teeth strong assets and precious gift of life. Understanding this truth that dental Roses   always put the interests of your oral health on the first place.

Dental Roses - Rose Dental Clinic is a dental center specializing in  porcelain teeth  and  implants . With a team of physicians skilled, experienced and enthusiastic will help you have healthy teeth and gums, shining smile with least cost in the shortest time.

Besides that treatments with the most modern technical and special anesthesia, treatment of dental totally mellow, painless, quick, best quality and save your time maximum.

Dental Roses  are superior modern machinery and processes are extremely stringent sterility treatment help fast, gentle, convenient and prevents absolute infection.

If your teeth darkened by tetracycline contamination, coral teeth, tooth dish or crowded teeth, or tooth loss, bad teeth, please do not worry because  Dentistry Roses  absolutely can help bring beautiful healthy smile , Dental Roses is where the best care to preserve the health and beauty teeth and your smile.

  • Dental Roses  application of CAD / CAM technology, help make dental porcelain precision and aesthetic.
  • Rose Dental  technology application & simulation simulator restorations should always achieve the optimal treatment quality.
  • Dental Roses  have certificate and warranty carefully when porcelain restorations and implants.

Dental Roses  always understand and share with you, always striving to be given posts where confidence in the people because dental care, giving you healthy teeth and gums is our mission. 


Additional Services

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Drinks/Beverages
  • Free Hotel Booking Assistance
  • Tour Assistance
  • Free Airport Pickup
  • Free Wi-Fi

Hours of Operation

Monday 08:30 - 19:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 19:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 19:00
Thursday 08:30 - 19:00
Friday 08:30 - 19:00
Saturday 08:30 - 19:00

Additional Notes

Public Holidays: closed

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard

Clinic Images

Rose Dental Clinic 


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Rose Dental Clinic
Hugh Lynn
Melbourne, Australia
I am very happy with everyone at The Rose Dental Clinic. Best service ever.
Overall score:5
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Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy


Languages spoken



An implantologist with 17 years experience; Doctors treating general dentistry; Former hospital doctor dentomaxillofacial central Ho Chi Minh


Tran Thanh Binh


Languages spoken



An endodontist and prosthodontist with 18 yers experience; Specialist endodontic treatment and prosthetic porcelain; Former hospital doctor dentomaxillofacial central Ho Chi Minh, the experience of nearly 20 years in the treatment of pulp and porcelain dental restorations


Pham Hoai Nam


Languages spoken



An implantologist with 25 yrs experience; Professionals implant and periodontal treatment implant; Former hospital doctor dentomaxillofacial central Ho Chi Minh, with experience over 20 years in implants and implant treatment of periodontal disease


Nguyen Thanh Trung


Languages spoken



General Dentist nearly 5 years of experience


Nguyen Tha Minh Thi


Languages spoken



An orthodontist with 17 yrs experience; Expert braces, specialized treatment of respiratory tooth, toothless, teeth misalignment crammed; Always improving and updating the application of new techniques in the world of braces


Mikio Nakashima (Japan)


Languages spoken

English, Japanese


More than 30 years of experience, specialist surgical implant implants and maxillofacial surgery; The Ministry of Health has been licensed to practice allowed Direct examination and treatment with teeth

Procedures & Prices

The procedures and prices information has been provided by the clinic. Using the quote request button please submit a request for a fast quote if you are familiar with your needs. 

If you would like DTS to manage your quote request please use this form. 

Request a Detailed Quote from DTS
Procedure Price Duration


Home bleaching: Zoom! - Nite White 16 % (9 tubes + Trays) USD $ 84   Details
Home bleaching: Zoom! - Nite White 22 % (9 tubes + Trays) USD $ 89   Details
Home bleaching: Opalescence 10%, 15%, 20% (4 Tubes + Trays) USD $ 58   Details
Home bleaching: Opalescence 10%, 15%, 20% (1 tube) USD $ 10   Details
In office bleaching: Pola Office USD $ 89   Details
In office bleaching: Opalescence USD $ 111   Details
In office bleaching: Brite Smile USD $ 187 - 200   Details


Brace USD $ 667 - 2,222   Details
Lingual braces USD $ Contact Case   Details
Invisalign USD $ Contact Case   Details

Ceramic Crown & Bridges

Porcelain fused to NI-CR metal Crown USD $ 67   Details
Porcelain fused to Titanium metal Crown USD $ 111   Details
Porcelain fused to CR-CO metal Crown USD $ 156   Details
All ceramic Zirconia , Emax, Cerec CAD/ CAM Crown USD $ 200 - 222   Details

Dental Implant - TV Implant

One Day Implant & Immediate Loading: Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 1,050   Details
One Day Implant & Immediate Loading: Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 1,550   Details
Conventional Implant: Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 900   Details
Conventional Implant: Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 1,400   Details
Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 1,900   Details
Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 2,900   Details
Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 2,000   Details
Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 3,000   Details
Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 2,700   Details
Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 4,200   Details
Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 2,000   Details
Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 3,000   Details
Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 3,700   Details
Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 5,700   Details
All - on - 4: Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 4,200   Details
All - on - 4: Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 6,200   Details
All - on - 6: Dentium (USA) / Korea USD $ 6,000   Details
All - on - 6: Nobel - Biocare - Active (USA) USD $ 9,000   Details

Examination, Cleaning

Examination USD $ Free   Details
Regular Teeth Cleaning USD $ 9 - 18   Details
Teeth cleaning with air - flow system USD $ 13 - 20   Details


White Filling USD $ 11 - 19   Details

Full Metal Crown

NI - CR Metal Crown USD $ 58   Details
CO- CR Metal Crown USD $ 133   Details
Titanium Metal Crown USD $ 89   Details
Gold Metal Crown USD $ 444 - 667   Details
Metal Post USD $ 13 - 22   Details
Reset Crown / Inlay USD $ 9 - 13   Details
Remove crown/ bridge USD $ 9   Details

Inlay & Onlay

Inlay, Onlay with precious Metal USD $ 222 - 400   Details
Inlay, Onlay with NI - CR Metal USD $ 53   Details
Inlay, Onlay with CO - CR Metal USD $ 111   Details
Inlay, Onlay with Titanium Metal USD $ 80   Details
Emax Impress / Composite Inlay USD $ 111   Details
Inlay Lava USD $ 178   Details
Porcelain Veneer USD $ 267   Details
Laminate bonding composite USD $ 53   Details

Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction USD $ 22 - 44   Details
Surgical removal of wisdom or impacted tooth USD $ 53 - 80   Details

Other Procedure

Bone Graft USD $ 300 - 400   Details
Sinus LIft USD $ 300 - 500   Details

Periodontic Treatment

Root planing USD $ 7 - 9   Details
Crown lengthening operation USD $ 67   Details
Gum Surgery USD $ Contact Case   Details
Gum Cosmetic Surgery USD $ Contact Case   Details

Removable Denture

Arcylic based denture: Resin tooth (VietNam) USD $ 9   Details
Arcylic based denture: USA Resin tooth USD $ 18   Details
Composite tooth USD $ 22   Details
Ceramic tooth USD $ 31   Details
Vnese metal framework USD $ 44   Details
Densply (German) metal framework USD $ 67   Details
Metal based denture for resin tooth USD $ 178   Details
Metal based denture for porcelain tooth USD $ 222   Details
Acrylic resin full denture USD $ 133 - 311   Details
Attachment USD $ 53   Details

Root Canal Treatment

Anterior tooth USD $ 67   Details
Premolar tooth USD $ 80   Details
Molar tooth USD $ 98 - 111   Details
Re-treatment (difficult case) USD $ plus: 22   Details
Re-check USD $ 9 - 13   Details

Clinic Guarantees and Warranties: Please contact the clinic for exact details.

At the heart of Rose Concepts dental philosophy is a Commitment to Excellence in dental care and print service. We continue to cung beautiful and natural smile in a caring and comfortable environment for all of our Patients without exception.

During the 4 years Recently, We've got an Achievement of 100% successful rate of implant and khi the past 10 years, an outstanding WE HAVE Achieved success rate of 99, 5% on dental Implants using all kind of implant systems.

We are using the best material from Germany, Swiss như: DENTSPLY, ViVaDent, 3M ... for Crowns made by CAD / CAM with 10 years warranty certificate.

You will have a total satisfied and pleased with our team of highly trained and world-class Dentists chúng cung our facilities and our outstanding quality as guarantee At as below:

Porcelain crowns / Bridges - Porcelain veneers - fillings

  • Warranty 2 years for the porcelain fused to metal crown / bridge (crowns on implants gồm) 
  • 7 -10 years Warranty for All Ceramic Zirconia CAD / CAM (nonmetallic) Crowns. (Including crowns on implants). 
  • Warranty 1 year for the porcelain veneers, all kind of inlay, on lay. 
  • Warranty 6 months for the white filling, filling.

Implant fixture:

  • We apply our Life time warranty certificate at center for all kind of dental implant fixture systems

Terms and Conditions:

One important, condition for any dental treatment Patients shouldn't visit warranty is to recheck us up, because teeth cleaning and re checkup and clean the implants every 6 months.

The Guarantee might vary or be invalid in these Cases:

  • There is no warranty on periodontal problem 
  • No warranty or resumes smoking if patient smokes. 
  • A general illness is present mà unfavorable effects on the chewing has organ như: Endocrine Diseases, cardiovascular disease .... 
  • allergies and illnesses were not disclosed mà đúng trước dental Procedures are Performed. 
  • Poor Dental Hygiene post-procedure. 
  • Damages caused by extreme stress (grinding at night, the grip of the teeth).


  1. Prices may be changed due to the currency rate of VN dong and USD (Approximate 1 USD = VND 22 500)
  2. Prices are subjected to be change without notice
  3. No hidden fees
  4. All treatment costs are collected in VN dong amount and payable by any major currencies
  5. Treatment fee indicated is for the basic cased only and may subject to change depending on the uniqueness of each case
  6. Last updated on 01 st, JUNE, 2015
  7. Prices are not including the tax. Will be added 10 % for the tax.

Clinic Map

10.8230989 106.6296638

30 - 36 Phan Boi Chau Street, 2nd floor, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1.  The clinic is opposite Ben Thanh Market's East Gate in the shopping and cultural center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.