Slovenia: Well-Deserved Holiday And Top Quality Dental Services

Slovenia's Lake Bled

Slovenia is a country of amazing diversity. From the peaceful breath taking landscapes of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park to the rich and lively culture and events found in the cities and towns, Slovenia has something to offer to everyone. It is the perfect destination if you are looking for a well-deserved holiday and top quality affordable dental services.  

Reputation: Excellence in Dental Sciences

The Slovenian Dental Association has earned itself a top class reputation for its tough and rigorous training and qualification process which produces top notch dentists who are trained to an exceptionally high standard. The Slovenian Association of Medical Tourism operates on the simple principle of maintaining high levels of service at competitive prices, it is for this simple reason that dental services in Slovenia can be up to 60% cheaper compared to services provided in other European and US centres. This high quality, low cost strategy certainly works with over 33,000 people visiting Slovenia for treatment each year, spending an average of 1,100 Euros.

Georgia: A Country of Beautiful Smiles

Georgia's Trinity Church

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It lays at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north, over the Caucasus Mountains. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total territory covers 69,700 square kilometers.

Population is almost 5 million. Official language is Georgian. Country is unitary semi-presidential republic. Georgian currency is Georgian Lari (GEL). The native name of Georgia is “Saqartvelo”.

The climate extremely diverse, considering the nation’s small size. The highest mountain in Georgia is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters.

A large majority of Georgia’s population (83.9% in 2002) practices Orthodox Christianity.

Largest cities and towns of Georgia are : Tbilisi; Kutaisi; Batumi; Rustavi; Zugdidi; Gori; Poti;

Tbilisi: One of the Most Charming Cities

Georgia's Centennial Olympic Park

It is no surprise that Georgia, a former state within the former USSR, is becoming a player in the dental tourism industry. Given a well-trained professional class, early adopters for technology, and an enthusiasm that is evident in many emerging countries, one can expect to see Tbilisi and Georgia continue to ride the wave for years to come. 

Georgia sits on the southeastern edge of the Black Sea, a border that abuts Russia, with Turkey to Georgia's southwest, Armenia due south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast. 

Travelers flying into Georgia for dental treatment usually get their work done in the capital city of Tbilisi, known as one of the most charming cities in Eurasia. In fact, its charm, sophistication and relaxed culture have resulted in it being referred to as “the Paris of Eurasia.” 

And the clinics are full-service as in other parts of Europe offering deep cleaning, extractions, Panoramic 360 x-rays, implants and dentures, or just about anything dental one can think of.  The unit of account or invoices is in Euros. However, the cost is affordable as operating expenses are structurally less than in the high tax jurisdictions on western Europe so one can expect to pay a fraction of the cost of a high cost country.  

Guatemala: Offers Dental Care To A New Level

Guatemala's Alchetron Temple 

When people think of Central America, for some reason, they still envision a tumultuous no-man’s land between where Mexico ends and South America begins. But the truth is, the turbulent days of the string of small countries that make up this tropical region have seen peace and prosperity for the past two decades. The governments are democratic, the people speak both English and Spanish, and the area is flourishing. This is especially true in the most populous yet least mentioned country comprising this continental chain link, Guatemala.

With two coastlines and a mix of moist, mountainous domains mingling with productive plains and arid deserts, this little republic packs in a plethora of traveler’s pleasures in one compact paradise. It’s a wanderer’s dream, offering a dalliance into ancient Mayan history while delving into Spanish and European colonial heritage. One could backpack or bum around Guatemala for months, or have a luxurious vacation lasting only days and still come away with equally enduring memories. Getting around is easy, and La Aurora International Airport (GUA), is the best way to get here.

Macedonia: Low Cost And Effective Treatments For Dental Travelers

Macedonia's Sveti Jovan Kaneo

When it comes to dental destinations, the Republic of Macedonia does not have to take a back seat to any jurisdiction. It is modern and ancient, urban and rural, and in the heart of Europe. It also has rich and colorful history that is easily accessible for the dental traveler on his or her days off. 


And thanks to the Macedonian Orthodontic Society and other industry associations, the dentists in Macedonia have earned a top-notch reputation and present a high level of professionalism and state-of-the-art care. And owing to lower operating costs, dental services in Macedonia are typically 60-80% less than their competitor-peers in western Europe and the US. Dental Travel Services offers people around the world to the chance to experience fantastic dental care without having to pay obscene prices for a service or procedure that should not be expensive.  

Istanbul: Tops for Dental Tourism

Turkey's Hagia Sophia

If getting dentistry done in another country to save money and have a good time at the same time is becoming a casual and regular thing, then dental tourism to Istanbul is the professional league. Many of the factors that spur people to travel for their teeth, intersect in a city which is not only a vertex in dental health care, but also arguably the primary geographical and cultural intersection of the world. Istanbul rose out of Constantinople, the city of antiquity which was coined the birthplace of Western Civilization. It is the physical and societal meeting of East and West. It is situated on the land bridge between Europe and Asia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, even though it is nestled between two nearby bodies of water, the Black Sea and the Aegean.

Istanbul is shrouded in mystery, but your treatment and stay there will not be. They are waiting and ready for you in this Turkish town. Hygiene, professionalism, multi-language communication, and hospitality are all built into the mix. Speaking of which, many large dental tourism outfits have custom packages which include your dental treatment and your extracurricular tourist activities.  All with prices being touted as 75% less than anywhere else in Europe, or the world for that matter.  

8 Reasons Why: Guatemala As A Dental Tourism Destination

8 Reasons Why

Dental tourism and Guatemala are words that go together. The country is fast catching on among citizens of the Global North for its quality dental care and world class sites for cultural tourism and adventure. Thus, getting dental work done and seeing some of the most fascinating destinations in the Americas is a win-win situation in all regards. For those sitting on the fence about Guatemala, below are 8 compelling reasons for choosing the country as your affordable dental destination in Latin America. 

Tijuana (South of San Diego): A Place for a Dental Daycations

With the boom in dental tourism lately, one might get curious and want to trace its roots. In the history of dental clinics catering to Americans and other foreigners traveling for lower dental costs, one town emerges as the dental archaeologist’s choice: Tijuana. For more than thirty years, this place has been where Californians and other Americans go to get affordable dentistry done. Even though it is in Mexico, some people consider Tijuana to be part of the San Diego metropolitan area. The telephone company certainly does: They gave it the same 619 area code!

Tijuana is Mexico's San Diego

Tijuana is the Mexican twin to San Diego. If ‘staycation’ became the cool new term for a vacation close to home, then ‘daycation’ would be the word for what San Diegans do in Tijuana. It has long been a place for a nice day trip to hang out on the beach, sip margaritas in the bars with breezy balconies overlooking the old town strip, and visiting the discount factory clothes outlets. US citizens do not even need a passport to cross the border, even though one is recommended to avoid hassles.

Women and Dental Tourism

Women and Dental Tourism

The dental tourism industry often shows a bias toward men, either by accident or in some cases on purpose. And from reading the literature one would think it is only the men who are interested in a perfect smile but that myth misses the mark: women are just as interested in a perfect smile as the men. And the truth is that women make up almost 50% of dental tourism clientele and thus women deserve more credit for driving a growing industry worldwide. And in the later years women are often the catalyst for couples who want to travel together and enjoy cosmetic or restorative dental services at an affordable price. 

Bargains and Dental Tourism - Women Lead

It's a running stereotype that women spend more money than men. In truth this is not always the case. Quite often women are more in tune with what constitutes a reasonable price, women know how to ask for discounts and bargains, and they generally follow through once an agreement is made. And gender aside, everyone wants a quality bargain when it comes to self-pay dental work such as implants, veneers, crowns, or any type of cosmetic dentistry. And this is especially true for those from cost-prohibitive places like the UK, Canada, the United States,and Australia where even those with some dental insurance coverage have only a few options and not all procedures are covered.  

Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Los Algodones is the northern-most town in all of the vast country of Mexico. It sits just south of Yuma, Arizona, across the international border. This once sleepy little town takes two other crowns as well: Fastest growing tourist destination in Mexico, and highest density per capita of pharmacies, doctors, opticians, and most importantly, dentists in the world. The small city, once a secret of snowbirds, is now out of the bag as the go-to place for saving a sack of cash for Canadians.

North America is huge. One might think that Canadians would have a closer place to visit for foreign dental work. The truth is, Los Algodones fortunately encompasses all of the attractive features for Maple Leafers: Warm weather, and a choice of arrival options. The continent may be large, but is also connected; which means Canucks can come by car or truck, RV, motor home, motorcycle, or foot. Getting there is just that easy. Of course, the recommended way is to fly into Yuma, and cross the border by automobile.