Guatemala: Offers Dental Care To A New Level

Guatemala's Alchetron Temple 

When people think of Central America, for some reason, they still envision a tumultuous no-man’s land between where Mexico ends and South America begins. But the truth is, the turbulent days of the string of small countries that make up this tropical region have seen peace and prosperity for the past two decades. The governments are democratic, the people speak both English and Spanish, and the area is flourishing. This is especially true in the most populous yet least mentioned country comprising this continental chain link, Guatemala.

With two coastlines and a mix of moist, mountainous domains mingling with productive plains and arid deserts, this little republic packs in a plethora of traveler’s pleasures in one compact paradise. It’s a wanderer’s dream, offering a dalliance into ancient Mayan history while delving into Spanish and European colonial heritage. One could backpack or bum around Guatemala for months, or have a luxurious vacation lasting only days and still come away with equally enduring memories. Getting around is easy, and La Aurora International Airport (GUA), is the best way to get here.

Australians Traveling to Philippines for Dental Implants

Australians Traveling to Philippines for Dental Implants

The Philippines for Dental Implants

In a previous article, we extolled the virtues of Australia as a modern and vibrant country. We touched on the fact that the dream life does not extend to dental care, however.  We discussed the fact that in a country nearly the size of the United States, but containing only slightly more than 18 million people, barely half are covered by dental insurance. For those that are covered, elective and specialized procedures are either not included, or require a huge expenditure. The average Australian, whether insured or not, faces the same dilemma: Where in the world to get the same level of dental care that matches their first-world lifestyle. 

We proposed a simple solution: Dental tourism. Even though the Australian Government rails against it and urban legend is rife with tales of stolen vital organs in third-world countries, many Australians are finding the advantages of dental care in foreign lands. Many, as we have already mentioned, are making a holiday, or vacation of the entire affair. Imagine getting superb dental work done while you are having fun. Unheard of! 

Istanbul: Tops for Dental Tourism

Turkey's Hagia Sophia

If getting dentistry done in another country to save money and have a good time at the same time is becoming a casual and regular thing, then dental tourism to Istanbul is the professional league. Many of the factors that spur people to travel for their teeth, intersect in a city which is not only a vertex in dental health care, but also arguably the primary geographical and cultural intersection of the world. Istanbul rose out of Constantinople, the city of antiquity which was coined the birthplace of Western Civilization. It is the physical and societal meeting of East and West. It is situated on the land bridge between Europe and Asia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, even though it is nestled between two nearby bodies of water, the Black Sea and the Aegean.

Istanbul is shrouded in mystery, but your treatment and stay there will not be. They are waiting and ready for you in this Turkish town. Hygiene, professionalism, multi-language communication, and hospitality are all built into the mix. Speaking of which, many large dental tourism outfits have custom packages which include your dental treatment and your extracurricular tourist activities.  All with prices being touted as 75% less than anywhere else in Europe, or the world for that matter.  

Nuevo Progreso: A Best-Kept Secret Place

Nuevo Progreso - Puente Internacional

Of all the best-kept secret places to retire or vacation in America these days, Southern Texas ranks up there near the top. You get all the sunshine and warmth of Southern California, without the traffic, expense, and crowding. You get all the comforts of wintering that you would in Florida, without the gators, mosquitoes, pythons, and tourists. Best of all, you get that wild west frontier feeling of roughing it out on the range.

Corpus Christi seems far enough south for most first-timers just trying Texas out and getting their feet wet. Maybe they have heard the wild stories of Spring Break in and around the beach strip of Port Aransas. Maybe they don’t want to drive half way across the country, east or west. Maybe they just want to park what passes for an RV somewhere near a deserted beach and live off of their government check for as long as the fish jump and the campfires burn.

Tijuana (South of San Diego): A Place for a Dental Daycations

With the boom in dental tourism lately, one might get curious and want to trace its roots. In the history of dental clinics catering to Americans and other foreigners traveling for lower dental costs, one town emerges as the dental archaeologist’s choice: Tijuana. For more than thirty years, this place has been where Californians and other Americans go to get affordable dentistry done. Even though it is in Mexico, some people consider Tijuana to be part of the San Diego metropolitan area. The telephone company certainly does: They gave it the same 619 area code!

Tijuana is Mexico's San Diego

Tijuana is the Mexican twin to San Diego. If ‘staycation’ became the cool new term for a vacation close to home, then ‘daycation’ would be the word for what San Diegans do in Tijuana. It has long been a place for a nice day trip to hang out on the beach, sip margaritas in the bars with breezy balconies overlooking the old town strip, and visiting the discount factory clothes outlets. US citizens do not even need a passport to cross the border, even though one is recommended to avoid hassles.

Australians Better Off Traveling For Dental Care

Australians Better Off Traveling For Dental Care

Dental Tourism for Australians Makes Sense

No doubt, Australia is a modern and vibrant country. Tourists and citizens both agree that it is heavenly. Nothing rivals the natural and man-made wonders that are unique to this land down under. From the Opera House in Sydney, to Ayer’s Rock in the Outback, to the hidden shores of westernmost Perth; Australia is a truly wondrous continent nation. People in most other countries around the world would gladly trade their lives for one in Oz, and many already have. 

Sadly, however, the dream life does not extend to dental care. Moreover, it does not span the healthcare system in general. As a member of the British Commonwealth, Australia has been bound to a similar socialist system that its sister countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom have all been submitted to. In Australia, unfortunately, the results have been particularly dismal. 

Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Los Algodones is the northern-most town in all of the vast country of Mexico. It sits just south of Yuma, Arizona, across the international border. This once sleepy little town takes two other crowns as well: Fastest growing tourist destination in Mexico, and highest density per capita of pharmacies, doctors, opticians, and most importantly, dentists in the world. The small city, once a secret of snowbirds, is now out of the bag as the go-to place for saving a sack of cash for Canadians.

North America is huge. One might think that Canadians would have a closer place to visit for foreign dental work. The truth is, Los Algodones fortunately encompasses all of the attractive features for Maple Leafers: Warm weather, and a choice of arrival options. The continent may be large, but is also connected; which means Canucks can come by car or truck, RV, motor home, motorcycle, or foot. Getting there is just that easy. Of course, the recommended way is to fly into Yuma, and cross the border by automobile.

Why Americans Travel for Dental

Why Americans Travel for Dental

American Seniors Travel for Dental Care

With someone turning 50 every 7 seconds in America today, a vast number of people are reaching the age where they are technically considered senior citizens. It’s an awkward age, especially in this modern age, where a person can feel old, yet young again. The old “this age is the new that age” paradigm keeps shifting upward, so that pretty soon, we won’t be considered old until we are in our 80’s; but that is still a long way off. For now, the baby boomers starting down the backside of the hill are driving the need for many mid-life makeovers and repairs.  This includes dental care. 

People of all ages are getting caught up in the travel craze as well. Fueled by the foodie generation’s constant craving for something exotic from foreign lands, and the proliferation of travel shows on every cable network, people are beginning to rethink waiting until they are retired to see the world. 

Americans Leaving Home to Get That Hollywood Smile

Americans Leaving Home to Get That Hollywood Smile 

These days, nothing but the best will do. It used to be that you could make do on a so-so smile, with just a brush and a floss, healthy gums, and semi-white and almost straight teeth. As long as you didn’t have the spinach from lunch making you lick your teeth, you looked all right by most peoples’ standards.  Those days are gone. Today, if you really want to make it, from down at Wal-mart to the high-fashion world, your teeth must be virtually flawless.

American Dental Insurance Insufficient

Most people cannot afford to achieve that level of perfection in their dentition. The cost of a new mouth is exceeding that of a new car these days. Most people who thought that extra $5 per month tacked onto their health insurance at work for the dental plan are finding that it only covers half the costs of the treatment plan once they are in the dentist’s chair. It just doesn’t seem fair. You go there, trust the system, let the dentist do the initial exam, let his hygienist do the cleaning, and get all excited to see what the doctor of dental science has to say.

Siem Reap (Angkor): Mainstream Dental Travel Destination

Situated in northwestern Cambodia as the gateway to the Angkor region, Siem Reap plays host to the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia. The Angkor temples are popularized and romanticized in many Hollywood films set in mystical antiquity, even though much of what they represent has been fictionalized. One undeniable fact, however, is that Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure in the world, in addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Siem Reap's Angkor Wat Temple

Located globally at 13°21′44″N longitude and 103°51′35″E latitude, Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province. In addition to its ancient religious ceremonial structures, Siem Reap has colonial and Chinese-influenced buildings in the Old French Quarter and the Old Market. Siem Reap is what would be considered by most to be a small to mid-sized city with a population hovering just above 175,000 people. Its name comes from its ancient history dating back to around 800 A.D., when it defeated Thailand in a long-running war. At that time, Thailand was known as Siam; hence Siem Reap translates literally as “Defeat of Siam“.