Dental Tourism in Europe


With a dynamic economy and democratic government, Hungary is a rapidly growing country. Its infrastructure is state of the art, and rail travel is a big part of its expanding transportation system. All of Hungary is readily accessible by all modes of transportation, including two international airports: One in Budapest, and one in Debrecen.  Driving from any of the seven neighboring countries is a viable option as well. Hungary is most popular with clients from the UK but also receives its fair share of Germans and Swiss. 

Dental Tourism in Latin America


The population of over one hundred and ten million is ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan. European and America expatriates create pockets of English, French and German speakers. English is common in international business, and at holiday resorts where tourists congregate.

Dental Tourism - Vietnam

Vietnam - Halong Bay

Country Profile

Vietnam borders the South China Sea to the east, and Cambodia, Laos, and China on the other sides. It has benefited from a fast growing economy during the past twenty years, and has a young and vibrant population. The country is rapidly emerging as the place to visit for affordable dental services. Australians in particular go there in increasing numbers, and are accustomed to hearing familiar accents when they arrive for dental treatments. Let’s take a brief look at reasons why Vietnam has become a dental tourism destination of note, and why you ought to visit it.

Dental Tourism in Asia

Thailand, is the granddaddy of dental tourism in Asia. There are world class clinics throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Though Bangkok is the most popular owing to it being the arrival point for most, other destinations like Phuket, etc, all have very good dental services and are well-known for quality throughout the healthcare system.

Philippines, for those "in-the-know" is an established and comfortable destination. The Philippines is home to perhaps the best English speaking population in Asia. It is "Westernized" in the sense that many of the chains and global brands are active throughout the country. It is Christian and capitalist so the culture is not a big jump for most from the West. The Philippines has world class dental care and that is why it is hugely popular with Australians and Kiwis and has been for many years. Many Americans who were stationed in the Philippines many years ago travel to the archipelago for dental work. Excellent dentists can be found in Makati, Manila, Quezon, and throughout the country. 

Dental Tourism - Philippines

Philippines' Banaue Rice Terraces

Country Profile

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, of which some 2,000 are inhabited. Its neighbors include Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, Borneo to the southeast, Indonesia to the south and Palau to the east. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire makes it prone to typhoons and earthquakes, and extremely wealthy in natural resources.

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The people belong to several different Asian groups, and speak a variety of dialects. However the official languages are Filipino and English. The main settlements are along the coastline. Inland, the terrain is mountainous and covered with tropical forest. 80% of the population is Roman Catholic. The country is a constitutional republic under a presidential system, with separation of powers and a bicameral legislature.