Istanbul: Tops for Dental Tourism

Turkey's Hagia Sophia

If getting dentistry done in another country to save money and have a good time at the same time is becoming a casual and regular thing, then dental tourism to Istanbul is the professional league. Many of the factors that spur people to travel for their teeth, intersect in a city which is not only a vertex in dental health care, but also arguably the primary geographical and cultural intersection of the world. Istanbul rose out of Constantinople, the city of antiquity which was coined the birthplace of Western Civilization. It is the physical and societal meeting of East and West. It is situated on the land bridge between Europe and Asia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, even though it is nestled between two nearby bodies of water, the Black Sea and the Aegean.

Istanbul is shrouded in mystery, but your treatment and stay there will not be. They are waiting and ready for you in this Turkish town. Hygiene, professionalism, multi-language communication, and hospitality are all built into the mix. Speaking of which, many large dental tourism outfits have custom packages which include your dental treatment and your extracurricular tourist activities.  All with prices being touted as 75% less than anywhere else in Europe, or the world for that matter.  

Turkey: Recommended for Complex Procedures; Follows European Community Health Standards

The before-and-after pictures of top procedures such as full-mouth veneers and dental implants will make you smile as big as the photos themselves. The truth is, they make you want to come. They want you to come. Most Turkish clinics catering to the tooth travel crowd have been the in the dental tourism business since the mid-90's. They have it down pat, and it shows. Customer service is the icing on the cake. Warm and fuzzy is the order of the day, unlike some other countries that may merely provide bare bones procedures. In Turkey, they take care of you correctly.

Turkey follows all European Community Health Standards. This is important, of course, because a dental infection is the last thing needed when traveling. Unexpected expenses are nothing to worry about, which is another reason why Istanbul dentistry is booming. Customers feel safe where everything is clean and hygienic. A patient does not want to go from the dentist’s chair to a hospital bed, especially when they have so many other things to do. Turkey is very close to every other country in Europe, which makes it convenient for putting together a trip of a lifetime in addition to getting a lifetime’s worth of dental work.

More than 150,000 medical tourists visit each year, with Istanbul being the primary dental destination. With packages assembled for you, including flight tickets, hotel reservations, and city attraction tours, all with airport to hotel to clinic transportation included; it is virtually impossible to resist the temptation to visit Istanbul, Turkey to get your teeth fixed.

Perhaps the big fix is not what many are in for; rather, they are merely seeking a teeth cleaning, a few fillings, some minor cosmetic dentistry, or a crown and bridge or two. All treatment plans are available, no matter how big or small. The main advantage is that the dental professionals are more than happy to give you a full work up and consultation while you are visiting. You do not have to bring a treatment plan from your home dentist. A comprehensive file can be created for you, from initial exam, dental x-rays, prophylaxis, and sequential tooth extractions and periodontal preparation. With prices so low, you can afford to make your stay touch-and-go, depending on how your treatment unfolds. In most Istanbul dental clinics, the treatment plan is free!

Put your teeth into hands you can trust in Turkey. To increase your level of trust, many dental clinics in Turkey have world wide web sites with initial consultations and quotes online, so you can have a high percentage of knowledge of what exactly will happen when you arrive. Relieve the stress and eliminate the guesswork. You can sign an electronic agreement online, so you are virtually guaranteed of no surprises when you fly in. Satisfaction is the goal; because once they make your mouth beautiful, Turkish dentists want that same mouth spreading the word about their service.

You will be flying into Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST). Find a reputable clinic online before you go that provides a personal guide to pick you up speaking your language. This is a great start to your stay. This person will whisk you away to your hotel and help you check in and settle in. Most clinics give you the first day off to rest and relax, so you feel your healthiest when treatment begins. Many guides will accompany you even after your treatment ends. On a professional level, the dentists perform control checks to make sure you are flight worthy; and they follow up with you once you are home to make sure everything is all right. This is a level of dental tourism that surpasses most other places in the world.

So, if you would like to get your old metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored composites, so you can look like a million when you laugh; or you want to get that whitening or bleaching done to make people look twice; or you want a warm, comfortable place to recuperate once you finally have those root canals done: Then Istanbul, Turkey is for you. What are you waiting for? Get online and research dental tourism in Turkey today. You will see right away that all we have discussed is true. Istanbul is calling to you. It’s only 3.5 hours away from anywhere in Europe.

When Requesting a Quote, Recognize Different Terminology 

Central Istanbul is divided into areas, such as Bayrampasa and Taksim, which serve as the hub for dental services catering to foreign travelers. Sometimes they call cosmetic dentistry, “aesthetic dentistry,” but it the same high quality level of treatment rendered anywhere else. Turkish dentists refer to porcelain crowns as, “ceramic crowns,” and gold crowns as, “metallic crowns;” but in the end a rose by any other name smells just as sweet.

Getting There

Most planes arrive at Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST), 20km west of the city centre. From the airport, there are various options for getting into Istanbul, you can take a taxi, bus or the metro. 

Where: Yeşilköy, 34149 İstanbul, Turkey Call: +90 212 463 3000

Istanbul also has a second airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW), located in the Anatolian side of the city. The cheapest way to arrive from Sabiha Gökçen to the European side of Istanbul is by bus and ferry, using Istanbulkart or Akbil

Where: Sanayi Mh, 34906 Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey Call: +90 216 588 8000

Trains, coaches and ferries are another way of getting to Istanbul from neighboring countries.

Getting Around

Istanbul's extensive public transit system can be difficult to figure out, however, with a bit of effort, you can avoid taxis and not walk too much.

There is an extensive bus system, including city-run and private buses, as well as one high-speed Metrobüs line; an extensive light rail system including four Metro (underground) lines, four Tramways (above ground), two Fünikülers (ascending/descending), two mini-lines called Teleferik, and the Marmaray (underwater) lines; and the ferries which travel the Bosphorus.

An important supplement to all of this (particularly late at night) is the fleet of private Dolmuş (minivans), which follow prescribed routes and wait until they fill up before departing.

Each time you use a tram, metro, bus, or boat on the public transport system, the cheapest option would be to use an ‘Istanbulkart’ or ‘Akbil’ (types of top-up travel cards), otherwise you would need to purchase travel tokens all of these can be bought at various ticket kiosks and machines at the transport stations.

Things to Do In Istanbul

With its long history at the centre of empires, Istanbul has plenty to offer in the way of ancient monuments. While in Istanbul be sure to visit the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), and Basilica Cistern which are all located around Sultanahmet Square.

North of the peninsula of old city, across the Golden Horn, is Galata, where you can see the Galata Tower. 

Istanbul Modern is also worth a visit, with its exhibitions of contemporary Turkish art. It is found on the nearby waterfront of Karaköy. 

Another sight of religious significance close by is the Galata Whirling Dervish Hall of Sufi Mevlevi Order, just north of the Tower.

Visit The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey to get more information.


For Turks, singing and dancing is all part of a night out, and in a restaurant it comes somewhere between the main course and the dessert. At Kallavi Meyhanesi, this is exactly what happens; this Meyhanes (traditional restaurant or bar) loves to let its visitors experience some Turkish Fasil music. Come along prepared to join in with a bit of singing and dancing!

Where: Istiklal Caddesi Kurabiye Sokak 16, Beyoğlu Call: +90 212 245 1213

Munzur Cafe & Bar, is a simple little place that is well worth the visit to enjoy some traditional Turkish music it has a great line-up of singers and expert bağlama (lute) players.

Where: Hasnun Galip Sokak 17, Galatasaray Call: +90 212 245 4669

Where to Eat

If you’re looking to experience Turkish cuisine then you should definitely visit the Old Ottoman Café & Restaurant

Where: Cagaloglu Hamam Sokak No 17/J Sultanahmet Call: +90 212 514 5500

AkIn Restoran, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great meal. With excellent food on offer and lovely surroundings to match it’s definitely worth a visit.

Where: Emekyemez Mahallesi, Tersane Caddesi 120/A Call: +90 212 256 0007

Ways to Pay

The Turkish Lira is the currency of Turkey