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Divine Dental Clinic

Divine Dental Clinic

World Trade Center 2, LG Floor, Jendral Sudirman Kav.29, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, 12920, Indonesia

Divine Dental Clinic stands for caring people’s dental health through its expertise, experiences, and passion for excellence. We intentionally let you to embark on the journey beyond dentist and patient relationship.



We are a group of specialist dentists who each of us has experiences on their own expertise. Supported with our qualified education and practices in various well-known dental clinics, we have been shaping up and update our skill and knowledge with applied courses, abroad, and local- professional.

Together with our team, qualified equipment, and updated technology, we are happy to provide you with the best quality services and welcoming you as our family. We also put attention in international standard of sterilization and hygiene.

Certifications and Affiliations

  • Official User of Disinfectant Solutions from Metrex USA
  • Certified Invisalign Provider
  • Specialists Dentistry:
    • Periodontics
    • Implantology
    • Endodontics
    • Restorative Dentistry
    • Aesthetic Dentistry
    • Invisalign and Orthodontics

Additional Services

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinks/Beverages
  • Free Hotel Booking Assistance (by arrangement)
  • Free Airport Pickup/Drop off (by arrangement)
  • Wheelchair accessible

Dental Technology

  • Cephalometric X-ray (CEPH)
  • Panoramic X-ray (OPG)
  • Intraoral X-ray (Bitewing)

Hours of Operation

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00

Additional Notes

Saturday: by appointment
Sunday & Public Holidays: closed

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

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Divine Dental Clinic


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Hardini Dyah Astuti Periodontist and Implantologist
English, German, Indonesian
Dental Faculty of Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia (2003-2008); Internship in Zentrum der Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde des Klinikums der Goethe - Frankfurt University in the Oral Surgery and Implantology Department (Director: Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2009); Dentist in Oral Maxilosurgery Department (Direktor : Prof.Dr.Dr.W.Spitzer) des Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes in Homburg/Saar, Germany (2010); Postgraduate of Periodontology Department, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia (GPA 3.79 – Best Category) (2011-2013); Weekly Course of Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Pacific Health with Dr. William Chong, Singapore (2014); Advanced Periodontology, Periodontology Department Michigan University, USA (2015-2016)
Sylva Alinda Dini Endodontist and Restorative Specialist
English, Indonesian
University of Indonesia, Dentistry Faculty (2004-2009); University of Indonesia, Restorative and Endodontic Department (2010-2012); University of Indonesia, Master of Business Hospital (2012-2014)
Joshua Pranoto Aesthetic Specialist
English, Indonesian
Dentistry Faculty, Trisakti University, Indonesia (2009); Aesthetic Course with Dr. Appa and Prof. Mangani (2016)
Diah Emeraldine Invisalign and Orthodontic Specialist
English, Indonesian
Dentistry Faculty, Trisakti University, Indonesia (1992-1997); Orthodontic (1997-2001); Damon System (2003); Invisalign (2014)

Procedures & Prices

The procedures and prices information has been provided by the clinic and is generally very accurate. Please submit a quote request using the orange button to the right if you are able to describe the procedures needed and your expectations.  

The accuracy of detailed quotes is greatly enhanced by pictures or x-rays so please attach those if available. 


Procedure Price Duration
Oral Surgery
Apex Resection RP Rp; 3,600,000   Details
Extraction Wisdom Tooth without Surgery RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details
Extraction Decidous Tooth RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Extraction Tooth - For Orthodontic RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Extraction Full Tooth with Caries/Perio RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Extraction Full Tooth with Surgery RP Rp; 4,000,000   Details
Extraction Radix with Incision RP Rp; 1,550,000   Details
Extraction Radix without Incision RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Odontectomy RP Rp; 5,500,000   Details
Alveolectomy RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Frenectomy RP Rp; 3,500,000   Details
Implant USA Bio Horizon* RP Rp; 20,000,000   Details
Implant German Miss* RP Rp; 20,000,000   Details
MTA RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Sinus Lift (per Region) RP Rp; 7,500,000   Details
Bite Riser (per Jaw) RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Bite Turbo RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Ceramic Braces RP Rp; 30,000,000   Details
Damon Braces RP Rp; 40,000,000   Details
Metal Braces RP Rp; 20,000,000   Details
Sapphire Braces RP Rp; 35,000,000   Details
Button Chain RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Crimpable Hock RP Rp; 200,00   Details
Lost Ceramic Braces RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Lost Damon Braces RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Lost Metal Braces RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Lost Sapphire Braces RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Ceramic Braces Check-up RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Damon Braces Check-up RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Metal Braces Check-up RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Sapphire Braces Check-up RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Lingual Button RP Rp; 200,000   Details
Mini Implant RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Night Guard RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Open or Close Coil (per Teeth) RP Rp; 200,000   Details
Retainer Fixed Lingual RP Rp; 2,000,000   Details
Retainer Hawley RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Retainer Transparant RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Rotation Wedge RP Rp; 200,000   Details
Custom Mold RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Stopper RP Rp; 200,000   Details
Surgical Template (per Jaw) RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Tray Whitening RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Cleaning Superficial RP Rp; 550,000   Details
Stain Removal Prophy RP Rp; 300,000   Details
Stain Removal Prophy Large RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Air Flow for Orthodontic RP Rp; 600,000   Details
Bone Graft RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Crown Lengthening Laser RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Crown Lengthening Osseous RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Deep Cleaning Patologis RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Deep Cleaning Patologis Large RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Gingivectomy Knife RP Rp; 2,000,000   Details
Gingivectomy Laser RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Night Guard RA/RB RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Pumice RP Rp; 100,000   Details
Reposition Gingiva RP Rp; 3,500,000   Details
Selective Grinding RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Splinting Wire/Fiber RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details
Tissue Graft RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Molding Upper Jaw + Lower Jaw RP Rp; 300,000   Details
Crown Cementation (Crown Not By Us) RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Crown Composite Adoro RP Rp; 3,500,000   Details
Crown Metal RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details
Crown PFM RP Rp; 3,500,000   Details
Crown Porcelain EMAX RP Rp; 5,500,000   Details
Crown Porcelain Zirconia RP Rp; 6,850,000   Details
Crown Temporary RP Rp; 350,000   Details
Acrylic Tooth (per piece) RP Rp; 300,000   Details
Full Denture (per Jaw) RP Rp; 4,000,000   Details
Denture Plate Acrylic RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Denture Plate Combination Metal + Valplast RP Rp; 6,000,000   Details
Denture Plate Metal Frame RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Denture Plate Valplast RP Rp; 4,000,000   Details
Inlay/Onlay (Composite Adoro) RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details
Inlay/Onlay (Emax/Porcelain) RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Inlay/Onlay (Logam) RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Plat Thermosense RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Rebasing/Relining (per jaw) RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Reparation RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Composite Filling Small 1st Surface RP Rp; 550,000   Details
Composite Filling Large 1st Surface RP Rp; 700,000   Details
Composite Filling Additional Surface RP Rp; 300,000   Details
Composite Filling Mesial/Distal RP Rp; 800,000   Details
Whitening Home RP Rp; 3,500,000   Details
Whitening In Office (Zoom) RP Rp; 5,500,000   Details
Whitening Opalescence RP Rp; 4,000,000   Details
Removal Amalgam RP Rp; 300,000   Details
Removal Guttap RP Rp; 1,000,000   Details
Removal Metal Crown RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Removal Zirconia Crown RP Rp; 600,000   Details
Crown Cementation (Crown Not By Us) RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Dycal RP Rp; 250,000   Details
Endodontic 1 Canal (Anterior) RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Endodontic 2 Canal (Posterior) RP Rp; 4,000,000   Details
Endodontic 3 Canal (Posterior) RP Rp; 5,000,000   Details
Endodontic Opening Only + TS RP Rp; 350,000   Details
Fiber Post RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details
Filling Root Surface Cavity RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Fissure Sealant RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Glass Ionomer Filling Caries Cavity RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Glass Ionomer Filling Caries Cavity Large RP Rp; 650,000   Details
Glass Ionomer Filling Small (per Base) RP Rp; 250,000   Details
Metal Post Core RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
MTA Apex Resection RP Rp; 1,500,000   Details
Protect and Seal RP Rp; 500,000   Details
Protect and Seal Large RP Rp; 650,000   Details
Temporary Filling (Eugenol + Cavit) RP Rp; 250,000   Details
Temporary Filling (IRM) RP Rp; 400,000   Details
Veneer All Ceramic RP Rp; 5,500,000   Details
Veneer Componeer/Edelweiss RP Rp; 4,500,000   Details
Veneer Direct Composite Veneer (Ivoclair) RP Rp; 3,000,000   Details
Veneer Direct Like Composite RP Rp; 2,500,000   Details

Clinic Guarantees and Warranties: Please contact the clinic for exact details.

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World Trade Center 2, LG Floor, Jendral Sudirman Kav.29, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, 12920, Indonesia

Divine Dental Clinic

World Trade Center 2, LG Floor, Jendral Sudirman Kav.29, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, 12920, Indonesia
Divine Dental Clinic