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Macedonia - Low Cost And Effective Treatments For Dental Travelers

Macedonia's Sveti Jovan Kaneo

When it comes to dental destinations, the Republic of Macedonia does not have to take a back seat to any jurisdiction. It is modern and ancient, urban and rural, and in the heart of Europe. It also has rich and colorful history that is easily accessible for the dental traveler on his or her days off. 


And thanks to the Macedonian Orthodontic Society and other industry associations, the dentists in Macedonia have earned a top-notch reputation and present a high level of professionalism and state-of-the-art care. And owing to lower operating costs, dental services in Macedonia are typically 60-80% less than their competitor-peers in western Europe and the US. Dental Travel Services offers people around the world to the chance to experience fantastic dental care without having to pay obscene prices for a service or procedure that should not be expensive.  

Some of the procedures available in Macedonia include:

  • Implants
  • Fixed prosthetics
  • Removable prosthetics
  • Orthodontics
  • Fillings and root canals
  • Aesthetic dentistry (veneers, cleaning, whitening)
  • Pediatric dentistry

Dental Travel Services will also assist you in finding a place to stay, and how to get to the clinic, among other services. 

After Your Procedure

Don't just go to Macedonia for your dental work as sight-seeing is Old World and world class. The country is surrounded by mountains and has lots of lakes, including one lake, Ohrid, that shares its name with the city that overlooks it.  

Alexander the Great

In 356 BC Philip II of Macedon united Upper Macedonia and the southern part to become the kingdom of Macedonia. Later Philip’s more famous son, Alexander the Great, conquered the remainder of the region and the rest of the known world. 

There's plenty to see and do, complete with the old world charm of Ottoman and European architecture. But for all that old-school charm, Macedonia has a robust telecommunications infrastructure. In fact, in 2006 the country became the first in the world to have all-broadband-wireless, available to anyone with a WiFi-enabled computer. So if you have a laptop, definitely bring it with you. 

Macedonia's capital Skopje, has a sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings-turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, which is housed in an old Turkish bath building. 

In stark contrast to the bustling cities, Macedonia has three big national parks and 33 conservation preserves, and being out in nature is healing to the mind and body, so definitely consider visiting at least one of the parks after you're finished with your dental procedure. 

If you can get your appointment date aligned with the annual Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances, definitely go for it, especially if you like learning about other people's heritage through the power of music. Or if you love weddings, schedule your dental procedure for the time of the annual Galicnik Wedding Festival, where a selected couple gets married in the traditional “Galicka”-style ceremony.

Flying In

Macedonia is one of those gorgeous European countries that has one foot planted in Old World traditions and the other foot in the 21st century. Macedonia has two international airports plus train and taxi services, the latter of which is extremely handy if you want to visit Greece, Macedonia's neighbor to the south. 

Because Macedonia has three or four major cities, you are likely to get the dental care you need, such as cleanings, orthodontics, dentures, veneers, whitening, and even implants. All services are performed by highly trained professionals but at a fraction of the cost of other places in the world.  

Getting There 

The Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) is the main point of entry for many of Skopje's visitors. It provides both domestic and international routes, and is a major transport hub in southeast Europe. The airport is 22km from the city centre. 

Where: Macedonia (FYROM) Call: +389 2 314 8333

Skopje has a Central Railway Station located 2km east of the city, with 10 platforms and daily trips to nearby cities and international destinations within Europe. Buses also serve international destinations such as Istanbul, Austria, Zagreb, and a few other European cities.  

Getting Around

The city has a vast and efficient bus network with most bus lines operating within the city. Public buses are colored red, while private buses are in other colors.

There are plenty of taxis available in the city centre of Skopje. When getting the services of a cab at night, passengers should never ride a cab with the meter off as fixed pricing is not allowed.  

Things to Do

Alexander the Great in Macedonia Square - The Square is the biggest in Skopje and is the place to find the dominating sculpture of Alexander the Great or Warrior on a Horse. It stands at 22 meters high on a fountain pedestal - making this bronze structure a must-see attraction in Skopje. 

Kale Fortress - Built in the 6th century AD, the fortress offers the best place for the best overlooking views of the city. 

Stone Bridge - Found across the Vardar River, this iconic symbol of Skopje connects the Macedonia Square to the Old Bazaar of the city. It is a fantastic structure made of solid stone blocks that are supported by firm columns connected by 12 semi-circular arcs. 

Old Bazaar - This area of the city was the centre of trade and merchants in the 12th century. An iconic heritage site, it is the best example of Macedonia's inheritance from the Ottoman Empire. You can find an old clock tower, a covered market, and the Contemporary Art Gallery within the Old Bazaar. Authentic shops for jewelry and crafts fill the historic buildings, as well as charming coffee and tea shops that give this area its vintage charm. 


La Kana Bar, Host a range of live bands from folk, to rock, to traditional, there’s something to be enjoyed by everyone.

Where: Chair, Skopje, Macedonia Call: +389 75 223 341

Where to Eat

Skopski Merak, this restaurant offers a wide range of foods including local Macedonian foods, it is definitely worth the visit even if you’re just going to enjoy a drink and the live music.

Where: 51 Debarca Street, Skopje Call: 38923212215

Mekicite od Straza is a great bistro with even greater décor. The food’s great, the coffee’s great even the Mekici are great (you have to visit to find out what they are), what’s not to love!

Where: Ulica Makedonija 41, Skopje Call: + (389)71352265

Ways to Pay

The Macedonian Denar is the currency of Macedonia.