Smile Reconstruction: Dental Implants, Bridge, Denture

smile reconstruction popular with dental tourists
The smile reconstruction, known as smile makeover is an aesthetic procedure that will improve one’s appearance. This procedure involves many steps and before starting it is important to make sure that your teeth erosion or malfunction is not due to an internal disorder. One also needs to set his or her goals from the very beginning and discuss with the dentist every option so that you will be content with the result.
When you have missing teeth, the dentist will probably suggest an implant, a bridge, or a partial denture. If the color of the teeth is not as you wish the dentist can bleach them or apply porcelain veneers or dental crowns. For a misaligned smile you need to undergo an orthodontic treatment. You might need only one of these procedures or all of them that is why the smile makeover may take a long time. Each of these procedures needs to be done in accordance and in harmony with the shape of your face shape so that your teeth complement the rest of your body.
For best results a good collaboration with the dentist is the key.