Nuevo Progreso: A Best-Kept Secret Place

Mexico - Puente Internacional 3

Of all the best-kept secret places to retire or vacation in America these days, Southern Texas ranks up there near the top. You get all the sunshine and warmth of Southern California, without the traffic, expense, and crowding. You get all the comforts of wintering that you would in Florida, without the gators, mosquitoes, pythons, and tourists. Best of all, you get that wild west frontier feeling of roughing it out on the range.

Corpus Christi seems far enough south for most first-timers just trying Texas out and getting their feet wet. Maybe they have heard the wild stories of Spring Break in and around the beach strip of Port Aransas. Maybe they don’t want to drive half way across the country, east or west. Maybe they just want to park what passes for an RV somewhere near a deserted beach and live off of their government check for as long as the fish jump and the campfires burn.

Whatever the reason, once people get a taste of Southern Texas, there is usually no going back to the grind. For those who acclimate and perhaps want to pick up some cheap scrub land, they can venture down to the southernmost tip at Brownsville. This happens to be where Texas meets the more pleasant and peaceful part of Mexico. This is not the hustle, hassle, and danger of Tijuana and wilder points west. Here, just inland from Brownsville and across the Rio Grande River, you will find the sleepy little town of Nuevo Progreso.  

With a population just north of 10,000 inhabitants, its name only somewhat befits its beautiful tranquility. This is a wonderful town. With the budget-conscious retirees settling in droves on the beaches to the east, this place of near solitude offers an affordable health care alternative as well.

Texans are literally flocking to Nuevo Progreso. English is spoken here as fluently as Spanish. Tourists and travelers of all types are more than welcome, as the town thrives on the American dollar. Crime is low, and the reported terrors of the drug cartels occur hundreds of miles away. This is an out of the way haven, with warm, dry, sunny weather year round.

Transportation and border crossing to Nuevo Progreso is a breeze. Buses run between Brownsville and the border here day and night. There are two international airports nearby. Accommodation in affordable lodging is plentiful. Driving here is safe and fast as well, with Mexico’s Highway 2 shooting straight west from Matamoros, the town just south of the border from Brownsville. If you are coming from up north or central Texas, probably best to take the highway through McAllen, Texas and cross at Reynosa. Either way, it’s an easy, breezy road trip that is half the fun of coming here.

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