Australians Traveling to the Philippines for Dental Implants

Australians Traveling to Philippines for Dental Implants

The Philippines for Dental Implants

In a previous article, we extolled the virtues of Australia as a modern and vibrant country. We touched on the fact that the dream life does not extend to dental care, however.  We discussed the fact that in a country nearly the size of the United States, but containing only slightly more than 18 million people, barely half are covered by dental insurance. For those that are covered, elective and specialized procedures are either not included, or require a huge expenditure. The average Australian, whether insured or not, faces the same dilemma: Where in the world to get the same level of dental care that matches their first-world lifestyle. 

We proposed a simple solution: Dental tourism. Even though the Australian Government rails against it and urban legend are rife with tales of stolen vital organs in third-world countries, many Australians are finding the advantages of dental care in foreign lands. Many, as we have already mentioned, are making a holiday, or vacation of the entire affair. Imagine getting superb dental work done while you are having fun. Unheard of! 

We have already talked about the countries that are closest to Australia and share its natural beauty and international charm: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. There is one, however, that we have not pondered which stands above all the rest: Philippines. Yes, this archipelago nation has risen to the top for dental tourism in the past few years, and now wears its “crown” as the monarch of mouth repair. 

We already know that most Australians are capped at $1,000 AUD per year for any procedures that they may need. A vast number of Australians, over 20% of adults, are missing most or all of their teeth. We all know from experience and common sense that crown and bridge work runs over $1,000 very quickly, with full-mouth implants routinely costing upwards of $20,000. Who can afford that? Luckily, the Philippines has set itself apart for offering the more complex and normally most expensive dental procedures at deeply discounted prices. This includes implants. 

What makes the Philippines so special when it comes to getting the best dental work done at the lowest prices? Number one is the government’s support and focuses on the matter. The Philippines set out exclusively to build a first-world model for dental practices to grow up under and develop into as a leader in the region. This came about with a competitive foreign exchange program, where only the brightest and most studious Filipino students were allowed to pursue their dreams of studying dentistry overseas. They came back as professionals. 

These first-class professionals are also world-class people. Filipinos absolutely love English-speaking people from all over the world; especially Australians. They set up their practices, not as an afterthought for visitors to utilize, but as their primary purpose. Filipino dentists are literally waiting for Australians to show up and be catered to. In such a warm and welcoming country as the Philippines, you will find the experience of getting your dental work done a pleasure from start to finish. 

The Philippines are a tropical paradise, easy to get around. Many people end up staying there as expatriates, or at least buying a second home to spend many months year round. This way, you can receive treatment as if you are a resident. This makes it easier if you were to want a full-mouth procedure such as implants; because you would not have to get them done all at once. This makes the entire experience safer and more relaxed for you. 

Manila offers the hustle and bustle of a city if you get bored of the beautiful countryside and beaches, but many people like to get out of the metropolis as soon as possible. Either way, getting around is easy; as the Philippines is a very modern and accommodating country despite its bucolic appearance. Remember, it’s all about what you make of it. Read a little online about the positive experiences of others. Visit our cost comparison page to help you decide which procedures are right for you. Getting implants, for the same price as bridges would cost back home, will pretty well pay for your trip. 

As always, the cost is driven by supply and demand. There is a shortage of dentists in Australia. That is driving prices up. There are proportionally more dentists per capita in the Philippines. This brings prices down. It also helps you shop around. Be sure to reach out to a few dentists before you get on the plane. Have a plan in play before setting foot in the Philippines. With a little forethought and imagination, you can have a fantastic time getting your pearly whites fixed in the place they call the Pearl of the Orient.


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