Down Under Got Solar Not Molar

Down Under Got Solar Not Molar

In what famous travel writer Bill Bryson coined a sunburned country, sadly the fanfare for dental care is not as ebullient as the copious amount of solar energy surging down upon the Aussies. Even with a socialized type of dental insurance thrust upon them by the Commonwealth that encompasses sister countries such as Canada, Britain, and New Zealand, unfortunately fewer than half ever use it. This is because most procedures of importance are only partially covered, such as cosmetic dentistry. Yes, it’s nothing but down and dirty dentistry down under, fair dinkum.

In the land of ingenuity, however, Australians have found a way around the system by which they are bound. Even though they live in a country which doubles as a continent and possibly a planet all its own, they have discovered that the most exotic thing their Southeast Asian neighbors offer is affordable dental care. This, above all other things, has prompted people to venture forth from the Land of Oz to places such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. These are places, quite honestly, that the average outbacker would poke fun of ordinarily. This bravado is merely a façade, however, as most Australians are simply trying to hide their fear of spicy food. If you want to watch a grown man from Perth cry, give him a nacho chip with a drop of Tabasco sauce on it.

All ribbing aside, Australians have become serious about foreign dentistry. This is simply because many of them are dropping the tough act as their mouths fall further into decay, literally. The aging population is finding out the hard way the problem with ignoring teeth long enough to make them go away. Now that they want them to come back, the road to a comeback is a costly one.  

Everything in Australia is far away from the rest of Australia, let alone the rest of the world. So, beginning to think about a dental tourism trip is a major undertaking for most Australian citizens. Many of them are the rugged type, such as farmers and vast landowners who have been isolated most of their lives. They are not ignorant or backwards, per se, just set in their ways and not chomping at the bit to make a long journey to get their teeth fixed. Slowly but surely, however, as more of their mates return from foreign dental clinics with stories of good times and pleasant, affordable dental procedures; more of them are getting online and in line to go get veneers and dental implants.

For someone more metropolitan, who lives in Sydney for example, the trip may be as simple as zipping over to Bali, booking a room for a couple of nights, and getting bumped into an appointment merely with a smart phone inquiry. Someone young with a feel for the jet set and a high level of flexibility will have a different comfort level; not only from the familiarity with the foreign countries, but also because of naturally having fewer major procedures to be done. Someone older, on the other hand, is going to be hesitant for precisely the opposite reasons. A full case of restorative dentistry is scary enough, without adding the factors of foreign dental care. Combining air travel with root canals can be painful and dangerous as pressure changes occur in flight.  If you thought popping ears hurt, wait until a poorly excavated endodontic procedure blows out! This is why only the most hygienic and professional clinics count when it comes to dental care in another country.

Complex cases can be simplified with online consultations beforehand, however. These experienced clinics know what it takes to make even the most involved treatment plans happen. They are not playing around. These are serious professionals who have been trained at the top dental schools in their respective countries; and often times even trained in Australia! Ironic as it may seem, this fact gives many Australians comfort in knowing that the standards they will encounter away from home are the same ones that would have cost more at home. This can all be researched online before going.

Of course, the clinics that really cater to the cowards by providing full language support, transportation with guides, follow up care, and accommodation and vacation packages are the ones to focus on. Australians who are far from the nearest airport should start contacting these types of full-service clinics online long before the planned trip. This way, every detail can be lined up and squared away before heading out for the dental adventure of a lifetime.